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Mentor Program - Jersey Breeders, LLC

One of the most effective and helpful mentoring programs in the alpaca industry today…

This program is designed with your needs in mind. We have the experience, tools and time. We will teach you everything you need to know about alpacas.

We have the animals, the herdsires and the expertise to assist you in making your dream come true and your business a success.

The Alpaca Industry is almost 30 years in the making in the United States of America. In that time the industry has changed and developed into a lifestyle that is affordable to almost anyone. In order to be successful, a new alpaca farmer needs to be up and running quickly. You want to work with people who are successful in this business and who are dedicated to your success.

The typical mistakes that a new or inexperienced farmer may make could be very costly.

At Jersey Breeders our mentoring program will give you the tools to succeed. This program is hands on and geared to your schedule and needs.

Costly Mistakes
There are thousands of alpacas for sale across the United States. Many are for sale through retirement, ill health and herd dispersal. To the uninformed, that could seem like a good deal, but not necessarily so. You want to be sure to obtain warrantees, guarantees, good health records and correct registration paperwork.

When you buy in a distressed situation, you may never get what you need the most… a mentor.

At Jersey Breeders, we love the Alpaca Business and the lifestyle it affords. We are committed to helping you succeed. We will be available to help you with breeding, herd health, marketing and how to use your fiber. This is our promise to anyone who purchases from Jersey Breeders.

Jersey Breeder’s
Mentoring Program Includes:

Business Plan Development
Barns, Fences and Pastures
Birthing/Neo Care
Estimated Prodigy Differences (EPD)
Field Needs
Herd Health
Fiber End Use

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